Our repair staff is specially trained to fix a variety of moving lights and conventional fixtures.  We know you need your equipment, so we pledge to work quickly to identify the problem and get your gear back to you in a timely fashion.  We now offer fixture maintenance as well as repair services.


We are an equipment dealer for several lighting manufacturers, including Apollo, CITC, Chauvet, Elation Lighting, and many more. Here is some of what we offer:

Gaffers Tape
Par cans
Intelligent Lighting
Road Cases
And More…


Digital Lightning offers a wide variety of rental items. Here is a list of what we have available for short or long-term rentals

Intelligent Fixtures (all in road cases)

Fixture Manufacturer
Mac Viper Martin
Mac2000 Performance Martin
Mac 500e Martin
Mac 300 Martin
Roboscan Pro 918 Martin
Platinum Spot 15R Pro Elation
White Design Spot 250 Elation
Design Spot 250 Elation
Studio Color 575 High End
Technobeams w/LAD & Iris High End
White Technobeams High End
Trackspots High End
Panorama Cyc Light Coemar

LED Lights

Fixture Manufacturer
Color Blast Color Kinetics
6-Way Power Supply Color Kinetics
EPar QA Elation
Trackpod 81 Elation
Design LED 36 Elation
Six par 200 Elation
WiFly Wash Par LED ADJ
WiFly Wash Bar LED ADJ
WiFly Wireless DMX Receiver ADJ

DJ Lights

Fixture Manufacturer
Starflash Martin
Vertigo/Mushroom AMDJ/Chauvet
Lynx Martin
Agressor AMDJ
Avenger AMDJ
Police Beacon (specify color lens) Chauvet
MiniGem AMDJ

Strobe Lights

Fixture Manufacturer
Neutron Star Strobe AMDJ
Atomic 3000 Martin
Strobe Tubes AMDJ
Tube Control Box AMDJ

Par Cans/Conventional Fixtures

Fixture Manufacturer
Par16 (aluminum)
Par38 (black) Coli/Chauvet
Par38 (white) Coli
Par46 (polished) 200-W
Par56 (polished) 300-W Technolux
Par64 1K (black or chrome) Moonlight
Source Four Pars ETC
Source Four Leko (19-50°) ETC
10° Source Four Leko ETC
5° Source Four Leko ETC
White 36° Source Four Leko ETC
White 50° Source Four Leko
Fresnels 1K (w/ barn doors) Arris
Fresnels 650 (w/ barn doors) Arris
11” porcelain extensions  Swivilier
1,000-W Scoop lights Altman
Convenience outlets Lightolier
8-Light Crowd Blinder  
Pinspots (black and white)  
Battery powerd LED pinspots

Follow Spot Lights

Fixture Manufacturer
Midget 2K Followspots Lycian
M2 Medium Throw Lycian
M2 Long Throw Followspots 1.2K Lycian

UV Lighting

Fixture Manufacturer
UV Cannon 400-Watt AMDJ
UV Panel 160-Watt AMDJ
4’ Flourescent Tube  
18” Tube Chauvet


Fixture Manufacturer
G300 Fog/Haze Machine Le Maitre
LSG Low-Lying Fog System Le Maitre
F-100 Fogger High End
DF-50 Hazer Diffusion/Reel F/X
Techno hazer Martin
Fog Storm 700 Chauvet

Special Effects

Fixture Manufacturer
Confetti Big Blaster Artistry in Motion
Confetti Mini Blaster Artistry in Motion
Bubblemaster 1000 Le Maitre
Traffic light, flashing (red/green)  
Smartmove Color Scrollers Apollo
ImagePro Rosco
Single gobo rotator Apollo
Dual gobo rotator Apollo
8” mirror ball Chauvet
12” mirror ball Chauvet
20” mirror ball Chauvet
48" mirror ball  
Simulated flames (BOB) Chauvet
LSG low-lying fogger Le Maitre
Cold Flow nozzle Sigma
Propane flames Sigma


Fixture Manufacturer
Magic Q 360 Chamsys
Expansion Wing Chamsys
Road Hog 4 High End
Hog 500 (moving lights) Jands/High End
Hog 1000 (moving lights) Jands/High End
Trackspot Analogue Jands/High End
708 NSI
1616 (conventional) NSI
24/48 (conventional) Celco
Express 24/48 (conventional) ETC
PK5000 Dimmer Pack NSI
6-channel Dimmer Pack Applied Electronics
1K In-line Dimmer  
24-ch/2.4K Dimmer Applied Electronics
48-ch/2.4K Dimmer Applied Electronics
Opto splitter Martin

Truss (12” x 12” Quad heavy-duty aluminum truss)

Fixture Manufacturer
Eventer 25' Lifts Sumner
L-25 25’ crank truss towers Applied Electronics
L-16 crank stands Applied Electronics
8' PRT truss Double-Hung Applied Electronics
10’ sections (12” x 12”) 1 ¼” ITTC
10’ sections (12” x 18”) 2” Thomas
10’ sections (12” x 12”) 2” ITTC
8’ sections (12” x 12”) 1 ¼” ITTC
5’ sections (12” x 12”) 2” ITTC
2.5’ sections (12” x 12”) 2” ITTC
Corner blocks (6-way – 12” x 12” ITTC
Steel base plates Custom
Circular truss 18’ OD ITTC
Lamp bars (empty)  

Pipe and Base

50-lb. round bases for pipe
Pipe-threaded Cheesboroughs
2”-diameter black pipe


Power Cable (12/3)
Length Color
10’ black
25’ black
25’ white
50’ black
50’ white
75’ yellow
100’ black
100’ white
XLR Cable (3 pin)
Length Color
5’ black
10’ black
25’ black
50’ black
100’ black
DMX Cable (5 pin)
Length Color
10’ black
25’ black
50’ black
100’ black
Length Color
25’ black
50’ black
75’ black
100’ black
Break in (MSP) black
Break out (FSP) black
Break in (MED) black
Break out (FED) black
Twofers black
Powercon Cable
Length Color
5' Powercon to Powercon black
10' black
25' black
10' Powercon to Male Edison black


X-Treme Box weatherproof 5-cir PD GFCI
8-circuit power distribution box w/camlocs
10-circuit power distribution box w/hubble
16-circuit power distribution box w/camlocs
30-circuit power distribution box w/camlocs
6/5 50’ feeder single-phase camlocs
6/5 10’ cam tails, 3-phase
6/5 25’ feeder cable – Hubbell Connect
6/5 50’ feeder cable – Hubbell Connect
#4 EIC cable feeder 4-wire, single-phase
#2 EIC cable feeder 100’
#2 EIC 20’ cam tails
2/O EIC cable feeder 50’ cam/cam (5-wire)
2/O EIC 20’ cam tails
4/O EIC cable feeder 50’ cam/cam (5-wire)
4/O EIC 20’ cam tails
Cam T’s, double male, double female
Cable ramps
400-amp Camloc Distro Box
208V Lex Distro Box


Fixture Manufacturer
Airwall hangers Aluma-Loc
SEP-7 Motor Cable Applied Electronics
SEP-7 Motor Control - 24-way Applied Electronics
SEP-7 Motor Control - 8-way Applied Electronics
1/2-ton Prostar motors (50' lift) CM Loadstar
1-ton single-phase motors CM Loadstar
1-ton three-phase motors CM Loadstar
4-way motor power distro Skorenberg
8-way motor power distro Skorenberg
Spansets (3’, 6’, 9’, 12’) CSL
Shackles (5/8”) CSL
Shackles (1/2”) CSL
Steel (1.5’,5’, 10’,’20’,30’) Peak
Safety cable Peak
Pear rings Peak
Scaffolding 6’ Biljax
Scaffolding 4’ Biljax  
Scaffolding crossbrace Biljax
Scaffolding planks Biljax
Ladders, type 1A Werner


120” round twinkling LED table
9” silver twinkling stars
250-watt utility lights
Green pneumatic tire wagon/cart


Items for Sale, not Rent
20” x 24” sheet color gel
Stock metal gobos
Custom metal gobo (original)
Custom metal gobo (duplicate)
2” gaffer’s tape (white, black, gray)
3” gaffer’s tape (white, black, gray)
2” gaffer’s tape (colors)
2” gaffer’s tape (fluorescent)